Catawba Wateree Water Management Group 2015 Annual Report

Water Supply Master Plan Phase III

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Water Supply Master Plan Phase III - Water Quality Insights

The purpose of Phase III of the Water Supply Master Plan is to inform CWWMG members about trends and forecasts in water quality that may impact production of clean, safe drinking water and the use of raw water for cooling thermal power plants.

Many studies have been done of the water quality in the Catawba-Wateree and its tributaries. Primarily, they have focused on the ability of the waters to assimilate waste loads from point or non-point sources (such as wastewater treatment plants, permitted industrial discharges, and storm water systems) while meeting established surface water quality standards for the designated classification.

This research provides new information by identifying historic water quality trends. It provides a greater understanding of water quality impacts from past and future changes in the watershed and the region. They include population growth and associated land use changes, climate change, changes in air quality, and even changes in regulations. All can negatively or positively alter water quality.

A Water Quality Integrated Data Platform was developed to provide data management, data analytics, and data visualization capabilities. Dashboards that assemble and aggregate data were also created to identify trends and data gaps and evaluate parameters of concern.

This effort provided an initial step in assessing water quality throughout the Basin. Several additional studies have been outlined that would provide more insight into water quality conditions, compliance and risk, and unified sampling approaches. The potential additional efforts were divided into next steps to analyze or augment existing information and future projects, providing additional, more in-depth studies.